Sep 1, 2009

Caption Needed for Fiji Snapshot

OK Blogger Contributors - put on your creative hats and send me your best Caption.


Suli said...

Merciful Gods, here comes Teleni's Jesus riding on his donkey.

Anonymous said...

Nai nai bhai.

Nai Komonwelth sa kitaki hia - Nai.

Qo ko Seaqaqa.

Kila voleka koro ni Labasa?

Sa kitaka na lako va donki vaka lialia.

Sir Reeves na tiko ki Niusiladi.

ex Fiji tourist said...

Wow there. Under a new law I wrote just now, donkeys must not travel at more than 1 Km / hr.

You can either pay a $500 fine or slip mr $100 and we will forget the whole thing.

soro said...

LMAO - well we know how desperate the Regime is for $$$$ - but that takes the cake !

Ruth Blessue said...

Beware Fiji's thin blue ass

Anonymous said...

Wrong! Its a taser!