Sep 1, 2009

A Fijian Man of Substance

Bravo Mr Rika, Editor of the Fiji Times, for your brave presentation in Australia recently.

It is my humble opinion and hope, that Fiji Times managing director Ms Fussell will award Mr Rika the PRIDE OF FIJI medal for he represents the free voice of the Fiji people, and the yearning for that freedom of expression that we once had, and have lost ... but that we could recapture.

In 1897 one of the world's greatest contralto voices was born - a black baby in the USA called Marian Anderson. You can imagine the prejudices against her whilst she pursued her singing career at this time
in history.

She made it through life under enormous pressures and became very famous singing before Monarchs and Presidents . In her autobiography, "My Lord, What a Morning," she says :

"There are many persons ready to do what is right because in their hearts they know it is right. But they hesitate, waiting for the other fellow to make the first move--and he, in turn, waits for you. The minute a person whose word means a great deal dares to take the open-hearted and courageous way, many others follow....."
We all live with that hope, God bless you Mr Rika !

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