Sep 25, 2009

Regime clutching at straws for funds. Tourists take note

It seems that staying in Holiday Homes in Fiji is now illegal

Thanks to, according to the bumbling Fiji Jesus police force who are way too righteous for their own good, anyone staying in accommodation in Fiji without paying for the privilege in Fiji dollars is practicing tax evasion and breaching currency regulations.

It is presumed that money has changed hands overseas and the visitor is guilty and can be arrested and charged even if you are a genuine mate.

Any visitor not staying in a registered resort or hotel is liable to arrest and up to three months in one of the most archaic third world prisons in the world.

Determined to look busy and earn brownie points from their illegal KoManDa, the thin blue lice in Savusavu, said "they have commenced investigations."

“We have identified homes accommodating tourists but they do not have a licence from the Hotel and Licensing Board,” he said.

“Some tourists have already been questioned.”

“The owners of some of the homes reside overseas and their properties are managed by a caretaker.” He also said that." most absentee owners have a caretaker to protect the property from squatters and thieves so this is just a nonsense statement"

“But we have confirmed that several don’t have any license at all so that makes their operation illegal.” (Look who's talking)

Your friends can become criminals unless you can show you have deposited the equivalent rent into a Fijian bank account and paid tax n the money as income. The owner of the home must then register with FTIB to operate a tourism business, submit annual tax returns, VAT returns etc…..

The "crimes" that will be investigated by the illegal Police/Army will now include tax evasion, operating an unregistered business, contravening visa conditions etc etc.

Visitor beware.

I say, it is time to for overseas visitors to stop visiting Fiji for now as the workers are certainly not benefiting. It is the illegal junta in Fiji that is making a grab for 34.5% of your dollar when you arrive in Fiji. This money will go into fattening the already burgeoning illegal army regime.

More on ethical tourism in another post soon.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with these people. It seems that day-by-day they are losing every important element that makes a brain tick!! Fiji then is definitely not a place for overseas visitors and it would be best if they kept away from this country of ours. Imagine having a friend of mine arrested at my legal home just because I allowed him to stay there for his hols or had him pay a justified amount for the number of days he would spend there. I MEAN WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THAT?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bubu wots up with u? Wot about da latest bs?