Nov 4, 2009

Visiting Fiji Commenting on Fiji-Beware Diktatorship in Action

Investors, Tourists, & Old Folk Be-Ware ............ this is what happens in Fiji today.

Speak your mind and you are "removed" from your family, community & society.

Welcome to the Fijian Nazi Party

I have no words to describe how disgusted I am at what the Military Regime have put Prof Lal through .........

Fiji's illegal Attorney General Aiyass talks about interference in the "Judiciary" ..... what a hoot .. what utter crap .... everyone knows there IS NO JUDICIARY that we can speak off - all puppets to an illegal regime ..... none of our current "magistrates" and "judges" would qualify as magistrates or judges anywhere else in the world ...

Prof Lal - we love you - you are an amazing person. We will always respect what you say as you always mouth the truth that we Fijians only dream about saying.

Vinaka and God Bless You.


Tim said...

I have to say I have only ONE question - and that is why has it taken people so frikken long to wake up to the fact that this is a FACIST regime, and WAS FROM THE START. It's had its share of left wing well-intentioned but deluded individuals including the Shameens and those who identify with minorities that feel persecuted - but it is not, and nor was it ever anything other than FACIST. Which may be why Bubba (who has engraciated himself with all the trappings and has a sensitive ear from other Fijians that have the luxury of having done a runner, and who now look on from afar) feels so smug and comfortable. Let me assure Bubba - the relief should only be regarded as temporary. The naiivety of some of the players is astounding - including Justice Gates!

Tim said...

Actually the more I think about it, the more I realise that Hitler clutched at straws too. Who suffered? Its etched in history! In Fiji's case - its Joe Fijian.
And with what's happening with boat people in the Autro-Indonesian region, and a Key government in NZ, the junta supporters (including those now ensconsed in Aoteraroa needn't think they have an escape route when things turn to shit. They likely to be dealt with far less leniently that they would have been under Helun Kluk!. Tuff Shit fellas.