Jan 22, 2010

The Leweni d'affaire - named and shamed

Nothing surprises us in Fiji much more ..... and the latest idiocy from the Regime produced loud guffaws from our neck of the woods.

Leweni-noni aka Kernel Bandmaster wants desperately to beat the sanctions imposed upon members of the military regime and their supporters and go and live in NZ ... hahahahahahahahahahaha ..... strewth !

S'cuse me while I get up off my ibe.

These people have got to be joking !

NZ and Australia do recognise that the sanctions ARE working - they were designed to impose travel restrictions upon the illegals that are now proclaiming themselves to be Fiji's legitimate rulers .. the same illegals that continue to be extremely miffed that they are not allowed the freedoms that they themselves have imposed upon the Fijian people.

There will be a huge outcry in both NZ and Australia amongst the Fijian people that reside in those countries if NZ accede to this ridiculous demand by Bainimarama and his plotters. But of course this won't happen and here are the reasons why :

Mr Leweni - Neumi , before and since the coup of 2006 has been responsible for and answerable to the following events:

Ragone, it's been a long night ... but you are welcome to add to our List of Leweni's shameful deeds .... and all the reasons this man should never be welcomed as a chargé into any country.


Anonymous said...

That about sums it up nicely Bubu. But then there might actually be some benefit in taking up the post where his safety cannot actually be guaranteed. From a diplomatic perspective, its a very bad idea all round.
But then often NZ Foreign Policy hasn't been too concerned with the bleeding obvious.
He'd make a better representative to Nauru, or perhaps Guantanamo Bay

Anonymous said...

Actually I've always considered Leweni to be part of the "Silly Triad". That triad is composed of Driti, Leweni and Bainimarama.
Outside of it (and manipulating it) we have an elite wing - composed of the likes of the Shameens, Bubba el al camp inconspicuatos, and Aziz - patronised by the likes of Gates and some chruch members.
These are those that prattle on about neo-colonialism and all sorts of other bulsch to justify themselves - most times practicing the very programme they citicise.
Then we have an opportunist wing, which when you look at it is comprised of every and anyone that sees an earn in propping up egos.
Unfortunately this wing even includes supposedly smart people in academia, but also idelogues that but for circumstance can't rub together one original idea with another. This wing includes Sami and the Tarana gang. Conscience, compassion, and all those sorts of things are completely foreign objects.
The best they can all hope for is that they're not the Ceausescu's of the 21st Century, but I suspect they might be. It's probably what gives Frank his occasional heart murmur - probably what will kill him. Oh Dear! How sad!

Anonymous said...

We should consider this though - when we look at the Muff's brilliant foreign policy skills:
Muff likes an easy life. Nothing too hot to handle, no issue to large to deal with - just so long as I can get the Jane or some other spin meister to put all the bullshit in place to make me look good (correction - look OK - looking good is NEVER going to be an option).
But then Bubu, that's only ONE of the issues you've outlined in your post.
Awwww, guffawwww ummmm errr ummm errr. Muff and the Bandmaster might actually get on JUST FINE.
Now... if only he could find a way of dealing with that issue of security. (I know - we'll pass a law)!

FijiGirl said...

Bravo DeBu! A very thorough list of Leweni's actions under the regime, each of which shows the kind of character we are talking about here.
God bless Fiji

Fiji Democracy Now said...

There's no arguing with the list of crimes Bubu. And what should NZ do when they see this criminal numbskull nominated to fill the Counsellor position. If they knock him back Frank will claim they're not serious about trying to get better communications. If they accept him it looks like they approve of a military dictatorship.

But another issue is whether his appointment would help or harm the regime. Leweni is an incompetent fool. No-one knows this better than all his army buddies. They're in no doubt that he owes his promotion up through the ranks to one thing only - his dog-like attachment to Frank.

Wherever Frank has put him, Leweni has caused problems. His stupidity is like Frank's stupidity magnified. Frank usually knows when to get a smart mouth to talk for him. Leweni hasn't a clue about how dumb he is. Jim Ah Koy had to get him out of Beijing. Frank probably realises that he has to get him out of Communications.

If NZ knocks Leweni back the Military Council will tell Frank the nomination was a bad idea, which makes Frank likely to explode but will he spit the dummy and refuse to talk to NZ. Who knows?

But whatever happens, Frank will stand by his buddy. Their partnership is Dumb and Dumber. It can only hasten the end of this criminal regime which has cost our nation so much.

Long live Leweni, he's a ray off hope for return to democracy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2 You said it! The mouthpieces are the stupids, puppets on a string - the manipulators are in the background well hidden from sight.

ex Fiji tourist said...

Let’s hope that krudd wakes smith from his slumber and gets him to respond to the oppressive regime that will be unleashed in Fiji in a few hours.

Why I could go to jail for life for saying that bananainpyjamas is the biggest loser ever in the dictator stakes.

Wake up krudd; our neighbours are hurting.

For the first time in your life, do something that actually makes a difference.

Update the travel advisories to inform Australians who are misguided enough to travel to Fiji, that they have N O legal protection whilst they are in a military dictatorship.

One slip of the tongue over a beer in a bar in Fiji could find an Australian tourist behind bars in a third world prison for the rest of their life.

The illegal, immoral, ill-conceived ‘decrees’ by the jaundiced junta are meant to put away all of the opponents of the illegal junta; many tourists will also get caught in this draconian nonsense.

KRUDD; wake up! Do something to help Fijians and Australians.

ex Fiji tourist said...

Michael Field is back at


Some good reads.