Jan 17, 2010

A Pissant beginning for 2010


FijiGirl said...

Bula DeBu. The international community is slowing beginning to open dialogue with Vore's illegal regime. We The People must never forget, no matter how much Vore tries to distract us from the truth, that the entire reason for his coup and his illegal regime rests on the fact that he is too cowardly to face prosecution for what happened to the murdered CRW soldiers under his command. As hard as he may try to delay justice, he cannot escape it forever. We The People must take it upon ourselves to make this Vore's own personal Groundhog Day. He cannot escape the truth. We are not fooled.
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Revealing cartoon.

Least - unlike Fiji Post - disembarking voyager didn't address the bati ni wai as 'excellency'- or bow.

Encouraging news IR isn't cutting anybodies pension because of political differences.
Now hopefully it can (will) concentrate(sort out techical glitch) in old age pension fund?
2 weeks behind in payments.