Dec 19, 2009

Merry Xmas Fiji


Tim said...

A question Bubu: I've never really known because the only pigs I've seen that had to attempt it were in receipt of an over abundance of swill. Perhaps others might know - can pigs swim?
It's interesting to see how king pig has to skate from one ill-considered "decision" to another - especially when a bright idea that occured when one of his brain cells rubbed against the other causing him to issue one of his fatwas that would inevitably go wrong.
Whether its Teleni's fundy bullshit that ends in a nightmare and a worry that he's getting more powerfull than the dictator; or likeminded decsions based on spirits (probably of high alcohol content) that run the risk of Frank alienating himself from his key "advisors" that happen to have a different faith (although most of his "advisors" have an illusory faith that is based on their own egos)

Happy New Year (when people get a free moment from the daily grind of coping with a junta's oversized ego - solace can be gained by ignoring them). Were it not for the fact that the junta are the ones with the guns - they serve as amusement value only - which says a lot about their legitimacy. ACTUALLYY it also says a hell of a lot about all those (including the Crosby's, some in academia and in business too) that have become apologists for Frank and Co's really crass and hypocritical actions. (Bubba, Gates, the Shameens, the Peni Moore's et al).
Never mind though - they'll not be forgotten - and in a way they least anticipate.

Fiji Democracy Now said...

Bula fellow bloggers

This is to let you know that, in response to the military dictatorship's efforts to block Fiji freedom blogs, including Fiji Democracy Now, we have launched a new blogsite.

It's a blog version of our website and carries all the same news, views and comments as the original FDN, which continues.

If family or friends in Fiji cannot access FDN's website due to blocking, tell them to look up:

To all other blogs: please link to our new blog.

Long live democracy and long live freedom of speech!

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