Jul 1, 2010

Fiji surfing to insolvency

Bu's diary entry for 1st July, 2010

Insidious happenings today.
  1. Media decree in force for a couple days now - all very illegal.

    Its obvious that Franky with all his guns and bodyguards are afraid of the people and what they think so he has to tell us what he thinks and what we should think. Maivei woilei boidada. Why don't they cut all our tongues out, cut our fingers off & poke out our eardrums.. that may make these cowards feel more secure.

  2. Lots of talk about Fiji Times maybe closing - we hope not - but If the Fiji Times closes - there goes approx 200 immediate jobs, together with the associated jobs around the country (delivery personnel, sellers, stockists etc) - you can do the math.

  3. Chief walawala, ArsyKai-worm has decreed today that all telephone subscribers must henceforth provide their details or all phones will be disconnected ... nevermind the reasons they have put forth, there are 3 things here ...

    • they can't afford anymore to be tapping all those people's phones they think are "dissidents" or "critics" of the guvment, and
    • they are still after all those bloggers they havent been able to find yet.. , and
    • third, they want to clamp down on the ever-present "coconut-wireless" (remember that prophecy?).

  4. Arbitary arrests at whim still continuing without any proof of allegations ... Former Fiji Tropik Woods CEO Daniel Mani and Fiji Forest Industries CEO Alec Chang are now in FICAC custody for 48 hrs just because some dopey military thug called Tevita Ulukobo decided that he was judge and jury of their fate.

  5. The LAND GRAB that the Fiji Freedom Bloggers have predicted for some time has started with some kind of illegal 'Land Snatching Decree" being issued today by Chief HeapsOfDecrees (HOD) ArsyKai-worm.

  6. We will be watching to see how much thug-a-ree this land grab will involve. And Uh Oh - hot off the press at 4.15 this afternoon , I see that ChiefCiCi, Minister of Everyting has now issued a new Surfing Decree. Areh nunu-baigani!

    This one is interesting - IN EFFECT he has ridden roughshod straight over iTaukei's rights. Ia katchia mavoa.

  7. Mary's karua, Sharon Smith-Johns, aka as wawa-mada, & her Agitprop Theatre group is in overdrive about how marvelous Fiji's economy is doing, (such as was on TV tonight) but the writing's on the wall honey.

    Watch to see the many twists the propaganda machine will give the stories on Fijilive, FBC and Fiji TV about the Money Grab that the junta is currently pursuing in a bid to continue feeding its many mouths in the military barracks (thus ensuring "loyalty" to Bananadrama and his treasonous band) ...

    BTW - check out the kind of talk going on this country's military website . Such sophisticated "Foreign Policy" - GOT.TO.SEE.IT to believe it .

    This goes to show how fascist the regime have become and how they are being used to turn on their own countrymen and women. You might also be interested to know that some enthusiastic servant has "airbrushed" Herr Dictator on the Home Page and put a halo of light around his picture ........ perhaps Frank has been bestowed his own sainthood on himself, now Saint Francis of Fiji ? Certainly the picture of him with the Pope on the same site beggers disbelief.

  8. However if we cut through the propoganda, this is what is happening right now :

    • a) Fijian Holdings has been FORCED by illegal decree to hand back $20 mill
    • b) we hear that FIRCA has been told to hand back at least $10 - $15 mill previously allocated by budget
    • c) PORTS FIJI and AIRPORTS FIJI were told to hand over all their profits - $4.7 mill
    • d) FNPF continue to hand over money to the junta - how much we will never know as we now have military controllers manipulating our pension fund. We have heard on the grapevine that Reserve Bank is Borrowing Money from our Fiji National Provident Fund on a 14 Day Basis - no longer on 28 days basis.
    • e) Reserve Bank has clamped down on OPR's and reserves held by major banks, as well as how much we are allowed to take out of the country.
    • f) Reserve Bank increasing commercial banks SRD “Statutory Reserved deposit” from 3% in 2006, 4%in 2007, 5% in 2008, 6% in 2009, 7%,8%,9% and 10% in the last 6months of 2010.

  9. Based on the above , we can deduce a rather desperate lunge for dollars. How else can they keep it coming? Its simple, expect another devaluation and an increase in VAT soon. How else can the bigwigs keep their mistresses and pikinini's in Salwar Kameez and silk sulu-jamba?


Anonymous said...


Very interesting developments. Clear sign of desparation but everything they do is driving the country further to the brink! The sad thing about all this is that they'll continue on this march of folly until Fiji's is bankrupt and in utter chaos and no one will do anything about it. As much as I hate to admit it, the country will descend to violence and anarchy when the money runs out. Frank and his closest advisors would have accumulated enough wealth to either escape to another country or cushion themselves when the sh*t hits the fan.
The taxpayer and his/her family and the younger generation will have to pick up the pieces.

Insider said...

A few other examples to note bubu that you might be interetsted in about this peoples money grabs:

Remember we now have a new annual Teachers Tax introduced - all teachers includng anyone invited to a school to talk about anything is required to pay a $30 registration fee (to date over 15,000 teachers have paid) so this annual paisa grab from teachers = @ $450,000

Also there was a new annual company registration tax of $100 introduce this year so at last count Fiji had 20,657 companies, therefre this annual piasa grab = over $2 mill

Tama i Wati said...

I'm glad you have reminded us of these now everyday occurances because we must remind ourselves what these big dogs are taking from us. I came across this link talking about what Voreqe is doing.


This post talks about the backpay that Voreqe rewarded himself with.

His backdated leave pay was back dated to 26 July, 1975, the day he joined Fiji's navy.

His back pay was based on his Commander's basic salary of $96,276.05 and other service allowance .

So the break up calculation as per the filled G.P. Form 2 reads.

Basic Salary ($263.77 x 698 days) $184,118.46

Service Allowance ($5.49 x 698 days) 3,832.03

Duty Allowance ($32.17 x 698 days) 23,013.92

Gratuity (1 year) 24,069.00

Gratuity (10 months) 20,057.50

This gave him a total backdated gross amount of $255,083.90

He then gets deducted PAYE of $79,076.01 and FNPF of $20,406.71 leaving him a cool $155,601.18.

The $20,406.71 will be coming back to him with interest when he finally decides to retire.

Wait, there is more!!

He was back paid a tax free amount of:

Expense allowance ($34.25 x 698 days) $23,904.11

Ration Allowance ($7.50 x 698 days) 5,235.00

So Voreqe's total instant payout totalled $184,740.29

In a letter dated the 3rd of September 2007, Aiyarse Khayum compiled a PM's package for Voreqe and submitted it to Ratu Iloilo for approval and got approved the same day. In short it looked like this:

Annual Salary (Basic) $97,276.00
Ration Allowance $2,737.00
Extra Duty Allowance (12.6% of basic) $12,130.78
Expense Allowance $12,500.00
Gratuity (after every 12 months service, 25% of basic) $24,069.00


He also gets 15% of this total paid by taxpayers as employer contribution to FNPF.

He gets $200 per night hotel accommodation expenses every time he sleeps in a local hotel while travelling locally to preach to in the provinces plus $45 daily chow allowance and $50 subsistence allowance. This would have been adjusted up months ago to cover for the devaluation and subsequent rise in the inflation rate.

Just to put things into prospective, in three short years between Jan 2007 and December 2009 Bainimarama would have accumulated $150,060.16 in FNPF savings.

This is based on a calculation of his back paid FNPF contribution doubled up by employer contribution equalling $48,138 plus 15% FNPF on a gross salary of $147,713 and his own contribution of $11,817 bases on employees 8% contribution.

Of this $150,060 (without FNPF compounded interest), $114,609 or 73% of it was from employer contribution. That is, our sweat and blood as taxpayers of Fiji, ladies and gentlemen.

Going back to his back pay, why is there also a gratuity back paid in February 2008 when the said letter from Khaiyum mentioned also recommended a gratuity payment and that was dated 3rd September 2007?

I would assume that everyone would be falling over themselves to back pay his 2006 and 2007 gratuity if it was approved by Ratu Iloilo in September 2007 rather than wait till February 2008, to ensure King Bainimarama is not antagonised and start firing people when he is in a tantrum.

Has he double dipped on gratuity?

By the way, the dictionary defines gratuity as a tip or gift given in return for service. It is therefore a privilege and not a right that you unconditionally deserve.


I am raising this issue because for the last five or six years or so we have been bombarded with the uninvited preaching on morality, integrity and you name it from Mr Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama.

However, since he grabbed power he has been weighed on the scale of corruption and integrity and unfortunately, based on the issue raised above plus many others exposed on other blogs, I believe our self appointed Master of Moral Values has been found wanting.

And given that fact, I for one would certainly not accept him as the proverbial plate that is used to serve me my daily dose of integrity and morality.

Anonymous said...

Intersting reading all. Add this to yoru forum - new 'revised' budget today places the exit Airport Departure Tax for all tourists and locals leaving Fiji will be increased from 75 to 100 Fiji dollars.

Desperate ? Looks like it to me.

Anonymous said...

All licensed commercial banks in Fiji are required under section 40 of the RBF Act to hold a portion of their deposits and similar liabilities with the Reserve Bank. The use of this pool of funds is at the discretion of the army installed Governor and therefore the military controlled government. It will remain a liability in the RBF's books, until the banks close business and leave Fiji. This is very interesting given the direction the country's economy is sliding towards. I wonder whether the RBF will have the ability to pay out those SRDs when the time comes. Very interesting times indeed.