Jun 30, 2010

The Story behind the Puerility of the Media Decree

Thanks to a faithful correspondent who sent this in recently.

It is obvious that he is familiar with the discourteous mannerisms and imperious vulgarity of the Fijian Dictator. Our writer submits that the recent Media Decree targeting the Fiji Times specifically, holds is in its mere existence, a mirror to the infantile and narcissistic whims of Bainijamun. Let the jokes begin......

"Those who know Bainimarama the Fijian Dictator and Aiyas Khaiyum the wannabe Minister for Everyting, would know that they would have had a night's drinking discussing the Fiji Times (ie media decree) that would have gone something like this:

... you know Khaiyum, that swine Rika refuse to call me Prime Minsta.. you know I know how to fix the bastard up ... jus close him them down..... how we gonna do it eh ...eh .. eh ... drink up you taliban bastard.

(giggling) Oso boso....(clears throat).... look its very simple ... you just sign my decree that will make it compulsory for them to close.

...my man! ... you make it happen alrite .... they never calls my guvment my guvmnet , the swine .... they never print my blerry speeches ... the bastards ulukau kece .... look, jus get rid of those murdok bastards ..... Hey Avenai totolo mai na bia %^(*&^%$$)mu ..

Acha ha, kua na worry boso .... I have been thinking now - how about a decree to get those lazy villagers to use their land eh ?

OK see ...now we got no chiefs its easy see ... jus make another decree OK for the land whatever you think and i sign the thing . And see, make another decree to shut those blerry Methodist matavasona's up for good okay. OK enough, na decree kece qo e va mosia sara tiko ga qo na uluqu - come, we go to Traps me’u de-stress mada. Hey Avenai sona levu, mai na Pajero !"

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