Oct 9, 2010

The demise of a free media in Fiji

It didn't take long after Coup sympathiser and supporter Mac Patel "bought" the Fiji Times.

Supported by a mercenary career media man called Swinstead, finally, Fiji's dictator is ecstatic as he has finally been addressed as "Prime Minister" in print. This of course as we know, was the main reason Bainimaidrama's forced the sale (by illegal decree) of the Fiji Times.

Bravo to Netani Rika and Sophie Foster and other Fiji Times staff for refusing to subscribe to Frankie's illegal status in Fiji. We salute you.

It is a very sad & shameful day to see this once proud newspaper go the way of military regime propoganda mouthpiece.

For this the Fiji Times gets a raspberry from Bubu and NEVER
again will Fijian Freedom supporters and civil libertarians buy this newspaper.

PS : It was perhaps fitting that on the day when we were supposed to celebrate - as a nation- our 40th year of Independence, the usurper of our freedoms gave a speech at Albert Park at a scene that could only be scripted by a God that was poking fun at us .

Surrounded by a waterlogged park with nothing on it but dirty water and a broken-down tractor, Bainimarama extolled the virtues of himself and dismissed the last 40 years as being of insignificance.

There was hardly a soul in sight in the rain on the day , and then on cue from the mighty one's insubstantial monologue , soldiers proceeded to left-squish and right-squelch around the sad kaput tractor.

A truly significant symbol of our nationhood ?


Anonymous said...

Don't know about Ms Foster?
But at least Natani Rika knows his Trains & Gravy

Wealthy former NY based benefactor has taken care of things - found him a gig alongside other Fiji expat naval gazers at AUS taxpayer funded ANU.

Maria said...

The culling of our brightest stars continue under the Zimbabwe-like dictator.All we are left with are fools, opportunists and yes-men.