Aug 30, 2010

Baini Khaiyum sa lako Niusiladi sa levu paisa

Mum is off to New Zealand

Aiyaz Saiyad Khayium is fond of attacking New Zealand, and all his little loyal followers moan about how Wellington has got its ties with Suva ... and wow is us, Fiji is becoming part of China.

Here is a little piece of news: Aiyaz's mum is leaving Fiji and guess what, she is not going to China or India or anywhere that suggests she might be "Looking North".

No, Aiyaz's mum is coming to live off the New Zealand taxpayer. She has permanent citizenship in the country.

And she is welcome here; perhaps she can carry the word home to her son on Skype that the rest of the world thinks he is an idiot.

Funny thing though, as Mum was shuffled off to New Zealand, a couple of beach front plots on Naisoso Island were being purchased - for a couple of million dollars apiece - in Mum's name.

Methinks she will be living in Mt Roskill while son, and that lovely soul with the boat, will he hanging out on Naisoso.

So is the burden of fighting corruption in Fiji.



Anonymous said...

Acha Michael and Bubu - they may be some truth in the matter in the monies being secreted out of Fiji. Just heard that the crusaders with the long knives are out to get Aiyuz. And rumour has it that it has someything to do wit Teleni getting the boot.

The plot is thickening like vakasoso.

Jone said...

So how does a little old lady well past her earning years drop a couple of million of a piece of swamp in Nadi then bugger off to NZ ?

In the interests of transparency and accountability (yawn), please explain this Mr Aiyas Kaiyum?

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz's mum with somebody elses money (we know who) bought few millions worth of land in Naisoso. It is not a co-incidence that land sales tax has been scrapped from this year. This means that the old mother can transfer the land to the most junior and conman A.G. son and escape the tax. Then he can say that the mum gave gift to son. What an ingenious arrangement. It is a shame that FICAC is under his umbrella so FICAC will not touch him. So much for two sets of rules for poor and the rich. What a shame.