Jun 29, 2011

Fiji junta's Cash Cow rort

The on-going FNPF Saga is a very sad state of affairs.

David Burness, a senior citizen, has decided to go in to bat on behalf of some 11,000 pensioners in this country .... very admirably, but his choice of lawyer, a most heinous person and very firmly in the class of 2006 coup-plotters, has raised many eyebrows.

Her mere involvement seems to have etiolated the case before it has even begun. Call me skeptical but I also cannot help but wonder about the laodicean timing of the affidavit.

You can see all of Burness's Court Documents here.

And you can also see Ross McDonald's letter and subsequent comments by Wadan Narsey in relation to this topic
here .

I also thank one of my regular correspondents who has sent in a prayer to illustrate his deep sadness in regards to his now impoverished pension:
Our paisa, which art in nowhere.
by decree be thy name.
Thy Taito rushed us to the town hall,

Thy wish to silence us by galloping change.

Give us this day our pensioners rates,
and entitlements we have contributed all our lives,
as we forgive those who blame our hard work for their crappy data & management.
Lead us not into insolvency and hardship,
and deliver us from FNPF rascals For theirs is the 9% rort, undue haste and our early deaths,
forever on their heads.


Keep The Faith said...

Wananavu D-Bu.

The prayer was exceptional.

Atu Qiolevu said...

May the your prayer tears roll in with the rest of us silently weeping for our beloved Fiji and may His grace carry into lives - Atu Qiolevu