Jul 2, 2011

Pension Tensions in Fiji

A fascinating series of emails (thanks to the Intelligensiya blogspot) between Ross McDonald, Fiji pensioner and the powers-that-be , have emerged, showing the attempts by the Sri Lankan Chairman of Fiji's Pension Funds to :

- cast blame and aspersions on those that went before him
- disregard any responsibility befalling his position

- cow-tow to the military regime by hiding the various reports that the public have a right to see

- ignore pensioners' grave concerns & questions regarding their hard earned savings
- deliberately fudge figures and percentages that need to be public knowledge.

Intelligensiya has also asked a very pertinent question :

How has
our NATIONAL PENSION FUND ended up under the control of a Sri Lankan expatriate, one Ajith Kodagoda, while he is still an official consul of
Sri Lanka to Fiji, and a migrant on a temporary visa working for a private company ???

See the emails here.

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Anonymous said...

Vinaka Di Bu and Inteligentsiya and Ross - so very true.