Aug 5, 2011

Fowl Clown decrees crumbs for Fiji investments

Fiji's Clown prince and Bainirama's manic second banana, Airykum Saiarse, has been at it again chucking, plucking and shrieking decree, after edict, after proclamation, after commandment.

Enough yapping to make one feel quite nauseous.

First, he hung our FNPF Ma and Pa donor's out to suck air instructing the FNPF bureaucratic-birdbrains to blame the older fund contributors for depleting the fund, and ignoring the fact that the regime has been sucking on the Fund to the tune of 1.7 billion since the coup in 2006 !

This vulgar toady then set about banning the media from letting the public of Fiji know what was really going on with the fund.

The truth is yet to emerge so watch this space, but recently the aforementioned ass ratified the departure of YET another foreign investor from our shores ; this time via a unit of little Hitlers called BAF who have something to do with banning feathers from landing on our forests but are instead cutting employment to 90 persons (who in turn have lost income support to a collective of at least 450 persons in the extended family network).

Excellent work Cock's .....

.... time to show those investors their investments will never be safe in Fiji for the changing of the regime's coop-posts whenever it suits the cockeral's in green, eh?

In the meantime Kaiyum sees no reason why he shouldn't continue feathering his own nest and his family's too, whilst he continues to crow orders from behind Bainirama's skirts.


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Tim said...

I guess there comes a time when most despots begin to think they might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. Except that, if we look at history, it isn't necessarily the case, but then Frank, Bubba, Mugabe, Mubarek, Gadaffi and others are so egotistical and arrogant to realise. As far as I can see, the likes of the Shameens and others (maybe Mara) may have. They too are not excused though.
The expression "pushing shit uphill" comes to mind