Dec 23, 2011

Ho-hum and Tinkle-doo in the Kingdom of Pu

Ho Ho Ho
What have we here ?
a potlatch pow-wow for all we know
a Casino deal for a trinket and a beer

Hau Hau Hau
in 2001, Larry Claunch great American Brave
first smoked a pipe and dug a howl
at Nukudrau with Sour Kai Yum as knave

Pow Wow Wow
in 2011 , Apache Larry waves dollars in the air
Running Frank tosses him the Casino plough
I am Chief Wella Wella - he says ... hehehe .... Dough-Me - Multi-millionaire.

Ho Ho Ho
Surprise Surprise - Sour Kai Yum is quite the Apache's chum
With Aunty Num Bum sitting pretty like Chief Crow
What has Running Frank & the Red Indians dealt Fiji on the jungle drum ?

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