Dec 7, 2012

Gangnam Style Bubu

Ragone gather around - I have a true story to tell.

Last week someone tried to kill off Disco Bubu. Yes indeed. I was out fishing and when I came back I saw many emails asking if I had died.

I had to deal with this quickly.

You see ragone, Bubu has been chuckling in her vale ni kuro for many weeks listening to young Miss Sharon Smith Jones (Shazzer) - please feel free to google this persona , and older Graham Davis (Grubby) please also feel free to google this sona too - go on and on , andonandonandon in their most palagi ways .... email after email afteremailafteremail .... people could hardly wait for the next installment. My neighbours were leaning into my living room after work - Nau tell us when the next episode is - we come and watch it on your komputa hana !

And so it came to pass that many thousands of other people have now started to kaila watch the various episodes that have transpired between the two palagis.

However, it seems that the 2 palagi's were very cross with all this laughing and heehawing at their expense, so they went to their bosso's high up in the Fijian military junta (aka: Aziz, BaiAyarse & Sons) and made some kind of complaint.

This complaint went way up into the internet sky and when it came down again, Bubu and her blog nearly got killed.

Luckily for Bubu who has been around the block a few times and faster than Bainimarama can say transparencyitis, was learning the Gangnam Style with the makabuna , and was able to use her newly found ose jumping technique to prevent this would-be heinous blow to the Grubby Komputa Show.

Whew ....

To celebrate , Bubu has made the Qorvisini Corporation, Aziz, BaiAyarse & Sons,  and the cast of the Grubby Show a special purini I will deliver tomorrow. Here is a picture of it rising.

Moce ragone for now
Disco Gangnam Bu


Warlord said...

Ha ha ha go bubu!!

Warlord said...

Ha ha ha go Bubu!

Anonymous said...

Ops, Ops, Ops, Ops - you can't keep our Bubu down!