Mar 15, 2013

Remembering Sakiusa Rabaka

Sakiusa Rabaka

In the light of the brutal torture just witnessed this past week , I thought it opportune to remind ourselves of another death caused in exactly the same way in January 2007 where a young man by the name of SAKIUSA RABAKA died a painful agonising death after being beaten senseless by a group of Fiji's military thugs.

A band of young people who have never forgotten this senseless act of brutality carried out by the Fijian junta have formed a movement called the Sakiusa Rabaka Movement

I encourage you to lend them your support.

Saki's only crime ?  Smoking, or on his way to buy a smoke . See my previous post on this story.

We gathered horrific pictures of his beating at the time which I will republish here for a memory jolt.

Rabaka in a coma on his death bed

During evidence at the subsequent trial, Sakiusa's friend described the abuse they endured as follows :
  • made to crawl on their stomachs (without the use of their arms) on a gravel road with the weight of heavy timber across their shoulders and when they turned over from the pain, they were beaten and hit across the stomach with pieces of timber until motionless
  • stripped to their underwear and assaulted while being forced to run with a bag of sand on their shoulders
  • forced to perform oral sex on each other
  • forced to walk squatting like ducks being kicked, punched and sworn at the entire time.
  • stripped to their underwear and made to run toward military personnel who whipped them each time they passed.
Rabaka's horiffic injuries
Rabaka's external injuries causing massive hemorrhaging

Military bozo Nayacalagilagi

When they were driven in the back of a ute after being beaten up all day  to the Namaka Police Station, they were told to wait whilst soldiers and police officers were drinking yaqona outside.

Sakiusa was vomiting that night at the police station but was ignored.

Evidence of torture on Rabaka's body
He was woken at 5am the next day when a military bruiser by the name of Nayacalagilagi told them there was no point protesting as all the officers were
protected by the amnesty issued by the Bainimarama / Kaiyum regime.
Nayacalagilagi then threatened that he would come for them in their home if they told anybody what happened.

There are others who have been murdered by the regime in Fiji the links I re-post here from Coup 4.5 blogsite for more information :

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