May 22, 2013

My Daddy's guvment

Oh yes - its good to be the Dictator's daughter !

One Bernadette Bainimarama got to go on Daddy's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious recent jaunt to France to pick up one Airbus. Yippee !

I did some research and found out that in the history of the whole world, only one Dictator has ever gone to a foreign country to PERSONALLY pick up a plane. Yep, that honour falls to our one and only country bananabumpkini.

I find that amazing ! Even more so that said dictator can't even fly a plane so WTFruit ?

Isa, I dread to think what the French think of him turning up on their doorstep every time there is a plane to dispense - especially with shoes that so do not match expensive pinstriped suit.

Darn - I missed that - the shoes match the finger - thats right - look closely - 2 of which are pointing at Powl's scarf/handbag. Perhaps it contains the public purse?


Back to the lovely Bernadette. Of course her presence in the entourage was not mentioned in any of the official propaganda releases.

Nope not at all.

I checked - nothing in the Ministry of (dis)information releases or by Qorvis or by the Fiji Sun.

Which makes her inclusion on the trip very very un-transparent (is that a word?). Oh well no doubt Grubby Davis will pull me up for my spelling misteak again.

Transparency is of course one of the regime's FAVE words at the moment.

Tsk tsk.

But Bernadette is not greatly blessed in the brains department.

The apple didn't fall far from the tree at all it seems.

The inevitable pull of narcissism, vanity and boastfulness ever present in the lure of Facebook pages was her undoing.

She posted a couple of Look at moi look at moi pics - riding around the world on taxpayers funds - with daddy.

Boy it's good to be the Dictator's daughter!

Last I looked, Bernie had shut down her Facebook page .

I wonder if the penny just dropped ?

De Matanitu nei Ta Bernie?


Amani Tuikoro said...

Busted ! Too good to be true especially when we know now that she and her mommy and dadda went to Lourdes to see the holy site.

Atoning for their sins? Left their run a bit late me thinks.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't bother me any who goes where...I live a simple and content life.

My father's eyes said...

my father's government. too true.
its funny how leaders always refer to "my" government after a while in power. they forget that its not theirs but the people's government.
except in this case, it is probably the only truth that comes out of franky's and kaiyum's mouths are "my" government and "bainimarama's government" respectively.

...less said...

is the gay that's licking the other gays cheek the one to take over from the Dicktator???
Fiji will definitely be the first south pacific island to have same sex marriages...fits nicely with the regimes policy of no race, no religion, no sex discrimination, no church, no culture, no indigenous land rights, no indigenous etc, etc, etc...the first sexless colourless tasteless odourless moneyless raceless christianless religionless landless sugarless fnpfless airleneless corruptionless nepotismless crimeless workless careless country in the world.