Jun 3, 2013

Fiji Regime's constitutional solution to entrenching theft of indigenous land title

Fiji's military regime under the guidance of it's self-appointed Attorney General Aiyarse Kaiyum is busy postulating that native land in Fiji is protected and guaranteed in their draft constifusion.

On close inspection the great unwashed have realised this is total hogwash and hidden under many layers of the fancy rhetoric that Khaiyum is well known for.

It is well known that the regime is wooing big chunks of Chinese money - which equates to big chunks of land either for mineral prospecting or other kinds of factories.

The only way that the regime will get their hands on native title and rent it to the Chinese is to trick and bribe us natives into thinking we will be getting a lifetime of income by giving our lands away into the Regime's Land Bank for our lifetimes and our future generations lifetimes.


Knowing full well that most Fijians cannot afford to go to court for anything let alone understand how the regime can warp the issues to suit themselves, the Kaiyum proposes "innocently" that we can go seek justice in his courts.

Courts stacked with vulagi Sri Lankan judges that all kow-tow to him and his directions. As for justice?

Yeah right ! 

And if we believe people like his bosso and that other vulagi Grame Davisi telling us what we should be grateful for and accept, we will fast become a bankrupt non-entity , discarded in our own country and reduced to begging for our indigenous rights from a fancy pants vulagi.

Colonization all over again ? Or is it societal engineering ?

Whatever you call it Nationalism rises once again in Fiji . Naturally.


Phantom drafting said...

only in Fiji can a Constitution protect something that does not even get a mention in it...a real legal fiction...LOL

Discombobulated Bubu said...

LOL - except it's still illegal after all this time.

Anonymous said...

That opportunist Ali-si WAQANIKA Daurewa must be happy.

Talk about taking the baton from Bai-wakakai and smacking in down on the finishing line. Dou bula na kawa mai Tamil Nadu. Mai dredre lo tu yani o ira. LOL.

Te said...

De Tamil Collie !

Anonymous said...

@ Te

Na viavia rogo gona ya. Sivia ni SIOSIO kei na vakilakila! erau sa tini volitaki ira tale na kawa itaukei. Vakamadua!!

Phantom Drafting said...

the Australian High Court created a legal fiction to do justice there.
Here in Fiji, kaiyum and his co drafters created a legal constitutional fiction to do an injustice.
don't know how prof ghai could have passed kaiyums masters thesis

Decolonisation said...

no whats happening is not colonisation of the past..the British colonisers made sure that the indigenous people retained ownership of their lands which had not be taken/given away in 1874.
what is happening now is what you referred to as the fancy pants vulagi trying to undo all that...I guess you could call it Decolonisation??? or Deprivation; or Deinstitutionalisation (no that's too big a word for the chief thief onetalk forenke); or Divide and Steal; or Deceptive Social Engineering; or Franky Magic - Cash Convertor - give me your land and I will convert it into cash for me and my boys and girls; or No land No cry policy; or no race no land no culture no no no no no......no elections.

The Anthem said...

its Friday so its time for lite relief...
the banana boat song is now the national anthem for Fiji…I decree you to learn these verses by heart or else….

Day O, Day O, Daylite cum and me wanna go home…
Day, isa lei, isa lei, isalei, wei lei.
Daylite cum and me bum is done.

Sipping kava with Baini’s marama!
Daylite cum and me bum is done!
Kaiyums decree around the corner!
Daylite cum and me land is gone!
Chinaman dangling his banana!
Bainimarama shoves it up your bum!

Repeat the first verse and do a handstand and salute and kaila… Heil the Great One.