Sep 8, 2014

Fiji Elections game changer

Sometimes the Gods deliver hard hitting messages that affect large swathes of humanity.

This is one of them .

The most humane solution right now is for Bainimarama and Kaiyum to exchange themselves for the 45 soldiers.

But that ain't going to happen is it ? For the aforementioned men are only very brave hiding behind their countless bodyguards and 466 draconian decrees.

So ragone, Bubu thinks it is time to disallow the two people that are making life cheap for us in Fiji any more of our valuable time.

Time to eject them from our lives so their actions can never affect our lives anymore.

Time to disappear Bainimarama and Kaiyum.

Time to say enough to these two dictators and thieves of our rights and freedoms.

Life is not only about money and prestige, coups and decrees, or feathering one's nests.

These 45 men and the value of their lives are going to affect our country in more ways than we know right now.

The fate of these men is going to be more important than free electricity, free milk, free sewing machines and free rubbish bins that that the dictators of our nation are trying to bribe voters with.

Time for us to reclaim our country and wrest our free will and our birthright back from egomaniacal dictators.

Time to love each other again and time to spread joy and humanity and happpiness amongst our neighbours torn apart by mistrust and sadness, voilence and fear for the last 8 years.

I believe that only by channeling our collective consciousness into the positive we can definitely make this change for we are the Deliberate Creators of our own experiences.

Our lives  can be as wonderful or as horrible as we allow it to be. And it all depends upon the focus that we practice.  The dictatorship in Fiji is not the vortex through which our individual well-being flows. The vortex through which our well-being flows is within each of us .

Fiji will re-focus , we are able to banish the negative and we the people will be part of the this game change. 


Nemani B said...

Bainimarama and Qorvis have manipulated the media into spreading their propoganda about free everything.

The media has foolishly bowed.

Kaiyum is rigging the elections behind the scenes.

All of the above have downplayed into the background the fate of the soldiers he was so eager to have see him as their benefactor.

The moral fibre of this beast is very much called into question now more than ever and the people will realise this and the scales will fall from their eyes.


Anonymous said...

Seems if Bainimara needs to win than he should exchange Khaiyum for the 45 Soldiers. His divine God may be able to release him later.

Discombobulated Bubu said...


Ratu Sai said...

After the rubbish bin hand out they should consider free toilet paper.