Jul 21, 2008

Oink Oink Snort Snort

What a couple of weeks eh ragone!

Always a drama in Fiji every day of late ..... not surprising given the abundance of drama queens and bi-polar types masquerading as our "leaders".

BUT FIRST to the the news of the military pigs feasting excessively at the national trough.

Like thousands of Fiji taxpayers pursued mercilessly by FIRCA because we work very hard to pay our way , I have been gobsmacked at the massive payment to Vore of close to $200,000 tax-payers smackers ...

And to add insult to injury, the same (undisclosed but obviously massive sums) to 40 other officers that according to Aziz who squealed in typical propoganda-speak that oinky theft of this nature is perfectly "normal" . Woilei ! Since when luvequ's?!

Lets examine the junta's voracious pig-out at the trough :

POINT ONE : Legally speaking, there never was any legal back pay payable as annual leave can only be accrued to a certain level , it must then be used or forfeited .

As a fellow blogger said, what Aziz Frank and others have done , is theft , pure and simple .

No where in the world would such a thing be condoned (oh but of course in Zimbabwe, Marcos' Philipines, Nazi Germany etc etc this sort of thing was nothing especially when there were concealed bank accounts in Switzerland, Barbados, Australia .... etc etc... )

POINT TWO : This payout is a farce and the reason behind it is very simple - Chaudary has authorised this because by paying Vore and his officers this so called "back pay", he has BOUGHT their loyalty thus making them indebited to him.

So it comes as no surprise and absolutely SHOWCASES the lack of moral fiber inherent in these military has-beens ... Chaudry has presented these "officers" a pig in a poke and they have gorged on the con big time without realising .... woilei how very very shameful !

(A well read blog contributer has put forward his theory which explains why there has been no revolt from the RFMF in regards to the announcement about having no elections , and that is because their top officers have their wallets full!! How corrupt is that??)

POINT THREE : It seems the illegal calculations used by Chaudary and Aziz to pay Vore and his band of 40 thieves for the 70's and the 80's was calculated to TODAY's pay rates, nevermind what they USED to be paid back in them poor ol days.

Again, a most immoral , heinous and corrupt act of thieving from the nation's coffers, AND in broad daylight.

POINT FOUR : This payment was covered up by the regime until someone blew the whistle .. so much for transparency!

As Professor Lal said recently
"Increasingly, it is becoming clear that the interim administration has been infected by the virus of hubris and narcissism."

He is correct when he says the arrogance of power was constantly on display. "There is no accountability, no transparency in what it does or in what it says.

"They talk about inclusiveness and dialogue but resort to the sledgehammer approach."

He said there was a pretence of working within the law but if it conflicted with their agenda, they simply disregarded it.

POINT FIVE : Now we have a cadre of 40 plus officers who have feasted at the national trough , who have been rewarded for their greed, and who now know they can have unlimited access to it.

All they need is a flimsy excuse and a couple of guns...... oh my goodness ........ so much for putting an end to the coup culture .... all that Chaudary and the KoManDa have done is perpetuate a new gaggle of mercenaries attracted only by the dollar and the chance to lord it over the proletariats.

POINT SIX : Recent payments to the illegal administration like Air Pacific's payment of $6 million goes directly to the Rotten Military Forces so they can continue their oinking at the nation's trough, buying guns, ammunition and more boots to polish while they carry on Chaudry's Labour Party's mission to destroy the Fijian intelligentsia, and in the process impoverish our people.

Lastly recent reports of huge containers of Korean arms coming into the country for use against Fijian by Fijians defies belief ..... all of this activity taking place while our hospitals have no electricity, children cant afford to go to school, people are still losing their jobs and resorting to crime to make ends meet, the rule of law is going to the dogs ... etc etc.

Mr Beddoes as always is right on the money with what he said in regards to this issue.

The level of deceit and underhanded behaviour we have observed daily of this regime since Dec 2006 has no bounds that we can see ... they have proved without a doubt that they are quite rotten indeed and never to be trusted - not now - not ever.


Anonymous said...

The militry dont give a shit about the people. They are the ones responsibel for our country sitauation getting worse and worse every day.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the payout - Kamal Iyer had this to say in FT 23 July:

Colonel Aziz was reported by The Fiji Times as saying that the former army commanders had allowed the leave to be accumulated and that 40 other officers seconded (to the civil service) were also paid. If this is true it would mean that officers like Esala Teleni, Viliame Naupoto, Neumi Leweni to name a few have been paid out for their accumulated leave.

No doubt it is their entitlement but I have never heard of a similar practice where leave was allowed to accumulate for 698 days.

According to Col. Aziz past commanders have allowed this practice since 1979, meaning it was okayed by Paul Manueli, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, Sitiveni Rabuka, Ratu Epeli Ganilau and even Commodore Bainimarama himself definitely in the case of other officers since December 2006.

The Fiji Times reported that the payment was calculated based on a daily salary of $263.77 multiplied by 698 days. This no doubt is Commodore Bainimarama's current salary.

But why use the current rate to pay for all outstanding leave which if calculated for 365 days comes to over $96,000? What was his rate of pay or salary scale in 1978 or thereafter until he became commander when Ratu Epeli Ganilau resigned to contest the May 1999 general elections?

What is good for the goose must be good for the gander.

If the same principle is applied then the 5 per cent pay cut suffered by the civil servants should be backdated to March 2007 and cane farmers whose crop was left standing in the fields last season should be paid the full cane price of $56 per tonne (received by farmers until now) and not given a $6 per tonne grant as compensation, lorry drivers who have to wait for at least two days to dump their cane load at the mills should be compensated for the lost hours, farmers whose fresh green cane is left on the tramlines for 10 to 15 days should be compensated for loss of tonnage, and the under-privileged and destitutes who return home empty handed many times each month because of lack of funds to pay the average $60 monthly Family Assistance Allowance, should be compensated for their travel expenses and painfully long hours of delay.