Sep 22, 2008

Fiji needs TRUTH

I am heartened already by the VERY SMALL turn-outs at the Charter public meetings. Between 5 and 40 people so far at each venue. And as for forcing civil servants to be part of the rent-a-crowd at Churchill Park the other day .... well John Samy (NZ citizen) really must think the people are Fiji are idiots.

The regime is fighting a losing battle against goodness and light.

The latest news that junta is looking to take more funds for the dissemination of the Class 6 essay they call the "Charter" validates the fact that the Military Regime in Fiji has proven itself aimless, failing to take responsibility for it's actions and then creating new dysfunctions in order to alleviate or redirect blame (its always the people's fault, or the media's fault, or the Chief's fault)

They have shown time and time again that they are the champions of misinformation, useless oratory and baseless explanations. They have (useless) knowledge But no wisdom. They are spiritually dead.

The people of Fiji have not accepted the military's warped contention that deep underneath their noxious conduct, there was good intent. We have heard that nonsense before with Stalin, Hitler, Mugabe and Amin.

Until they accept that truth is not negotiable, that morality and decency is not optional then they are all but lost.
All the decrees, promulgations and twisted force-line legislation cannot change the fact that it is impossible to GOVERN the human heart.

Bainnimarama and his thugs need to stop running from the truth ... they need to admit that they have indeed killed, plotted, mutilated and thieved from the people of Fiji.

Only then when the the truth can be acknowledged as the sure and firm foundation upon which our Nation and our Society operates, can we start afresh.

Truth is not recognised by people who would rather be left to wallow in deception, indifference and pretentiousness, and the pride that will not let them admit they need help.

Truth is not an option . It is a rock-solid fact of life. It is not a concept or a belief or ideal. It is not open to interpretation, negotiation, or debate. Truth is not convenient to you and it doesn't matter whether you like it or not. Most of the time , it WILL hurt and step on toes.

Now we hear that the dictators and his entourage will be going to Brussels and the UN to lie some more. Really !

Fiji needs not cowardice and more lies, but the truth to begin healing. Bainimarama, are you game ?

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