Oct 23, 2008

Sad Mad Fiji

These letters to the Editor of the Fiji Times reflects the mood of the country right now. Our people are sad, angry and struggling to make ends meet. As one who is involved with charity work on a daily basis, it is no exaggeration to compare Fiji to Zimbabwe.

We are truly at the beginning of Zimbabwe's slide into self-destruction.

The one keen factor that Bhaini and his military thugs have not given any credence to, is that of the inherent - almost innate - goodness in the hearts of the Fijian people. This goodness or charity translates itself into thousands of little acts of kindness I see everyday in my charity work. People that can't afford their daily meals are helped out by their neighbours whether they be Fijian, Chinese, Indian or Kailoma. 50c here and 50c there - it all helps.

This same goodness is what stops us from taking our grievances out in voilence. But the military must never assume this goodwill will last forever. There is only so much that people can take.

When the taxpayer can see that there hard earned money is being spent on trivial things such as new uniforms for Teletubby and his band of marching boys, thousands of dollars a day to an expatriate FIRCA consultant, thousands of other dollars for useless and unnecessary overseas trips for Baini, Mary and accompanying entourage, a Charter process costing millions that is failing big time, thousands of dolllars for a Charter consultant to produce a Class 8 essay, and useless court judgements costing thousands to legalise murder and coups, prolonged and vindictive false prosecutions against "enemies of the State" , something has got to give.

Our Fiji was never given to us to be run by bullies with guns. Be warned , the military regime in Fiji is living on borrowed time.

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Anonymous said...

Bubu: This coup was living on borrowed time from the very point at which Frank thught her knew better. Just like the last coup, and the one before that, AND the next one.
I'm not sure anymore why anybody actually tolerates it except for a respect for human life, a preparedness to forgive, and the realisation that there are quite a number of complete fuckwits in Fiji whose only claim on stardom has to be on the end of a gun.