Mar 25, 2009

Guerillas' in our Midst

My clever makabuna when he heard me mumbling about "ignoramus Guerillas" after we saw TV footage of the appalling molotov's thrown at Raivoce and Rika family residences, told me that I must be mistaken as there were no Gorilla's in Fiji.

I did try to explain to him but he was obviously struggling to comprehend.

So he asked me to draw him a picture. My picture drawing is worse than a kindy kid so I searched and found this picture on the net instead.

Very apt I thought, and details what a 1000 words could not, as I am made utterly speeechless as to the depths of wretchedness Fiji's military regime have sunk to when they go to the extent of targeting innocent & unarmed women and children in their low-life attempts to silence & kill the the remains of freedom of speech and thought in our beloved country.

The regime's silence is deafening, and I refuse to be PC about it. The whole of Fiji knows these thugs belong to the army, and whats the bet that no amount of postulating his huge behind, behind "his Jesus", will Teleni and the militarised police ever "snag" these people. There will be an ever-on-going "investigation" and lots of hot air ....... Beddoes is right , Teleni and his dancing gorilla jesus-squad is a national joke.

And it took a few days but Eveli Ganilau having had a few meetings with the "spin-doctors" has now decided to blame mystery fairies that may want to "discredit" his junta. As the makabuna would say - "Go figure, Gorilla!"


Anonymous said...

Chief Guerilla cant take the pressure so he is off to India using taxpayers funds to 'inspect a hospital' ... WTF?

What about putting the $1000's of dollars on this trip aside to help our people here still suffering from the flood after-effects, not to mention replacing the water and sewage bridge in Laqere ? Not to mention fixing the roads and trying to get our tourists back to Fiji.

I am fkucng sick of the bullshit these military assholes are puting our country through. I hope the gorilla gets deli-belly and fkcng dies over there ... better still let them steal his kidneys and sew a flatulence bag into his mouth. Bastard!

Anonymous said...

I beg to correct you Bubu: "teleni [with a small "t"] and his dancing gorilla jesus squad is" ...... AN INTERNATIONAL joke

Anonymous said...

Oh....and @ Semi: off to India to "inspect" a hospital. LOL! that's code for his taking advantage of its services - just as I go and "inspect the plumbing" when I want to take a pee.