Apr 11, 2009

Full Moon in Fiji

Where do we start Ragone ?

Gone for a couple of weeks to the koro and see what happens?

The FULL MOON appeared and the GHOULS came out too.

I must say in amongst the tension of the last week, it was so entertaining to see the demented wanna-be-smarty-pants-bush-lawyer Shyster get her put down in court (vinaka to the learned Judges Randell, Powell and Lloyd for their brilliant synopsis of this gaseous ruminant).

And the whole country breathed collectively with a renewed faith in the justice system when we got handed that wonderful court ruling that said what we the people knew all along - that this bunch of pathetic military me-me cowboys are unlawful, illegal and insignificant and so totally un-exciting but in fact inciting to their own selves (whatever that means, Ema Mua - another really malodorous bovine!)

But of course it WAS full moon when Pyjamas appeared on National TV dressed in bright red combat bula fatigues flanked by Teletubby the preacher commish and NaiPote the permanently drunk secretary(our new great black hopes) complete with that fake bovine look.

We were not fooled for one minute.


Nastur said...

Simply Bovine dear Bubu . Welcome back. We are UDDERly self-destructing arent we. No end to this idiocy either. God save Fiji.

Anonymous said...

you go bubu...i totally detest ema mua esp. when she wants to appear publicly with hopeless English...!!