Apr 17, 2009

Accessing News Posts about Fiji

Vinaka to a correspondent who has given us this link to tune in about news from Fiji.

Thank you to Radio New Zealand who have set up a special web page to cover events in Fiji which feature interviews and features

The full RNZI radio service can be heard throughout Fiji and the Pacific on analogue short-wave radio.

Radio Australia has provided audio links such as contained on this page, and on this page with it's Pacific Beat programmes.

And on ways to listen to news about Fiji from Radio Australia, click here.

Fiji Journalists take a bow, you have all been saluted for your bravery and creativity. UNESCO has expressed it's grave concerns on the draconian measures being undertaken in Fiji to suppress free speech. And the latest article from the Lowy Institute points out the need for urgent action from our neighbours. A summary report of the latest issues are presented here on ABC PM and on this link where you can hear the very arrogant Aiyarse and his smart-arse answer to a perfectly legitimate question and also about the SHOOT TO KILL order being given the renegade Fijian Military against their own people.


FijiGirl said...

Vinaka tale DeBu! Hee hee hee - those dumba*ses who think they can block off the news by flicking a switch, they don't understand the true might of People Power.
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

AG can proffer FMF all the legal safeguards he wants - moral & traditional ones? (values?).
Now thats a diferent matter.

Can somebody please buy (donate?) this man a ticket to Dubai?