Apr 21, 2009

Fiji Military Intimidates peaceful citizens

This morning (Tuesday 21st April) at 6.55am, a dark green pick up truck registered GM783 parked outside the home of Peter Waqavonovono in Suva. (Peter is a courageous Youth Activist and President of the Young People's Concerned Network.) In the pick-up, were three soldiers in full attire (minus weapons) and the driver seemed to have 3 yellow stripes on his shoulder resembling some sort of rank.

They would occasionally look into Peter's house.

At around 7.57am Peter walked outside the house, and the truck drove away upon seeing him walk up the drive way motioning at them to ask 'what do you want'.

During these days of high intimidation and secrecy, the actions of these three soldiers is too far from a coincidence.

It is important that as the avenues to reporting violations of citizen's privacy/human rights have been closed down in Fiji, the world must know that possible further human rights violations may well be occurring now, and soon.

We now live in a nation where the media is heavily gaged, gatherings banned, and thoughts or opinions forcefully self censored because of fear and intimidation.

We know that Peter will continue with the work that he does as he sees no reason why PEACEFUL means of attaining better standards for youth inclusion, freedoms and involvement is a bad thing for Fiji and is considered a threat.

Behind Peter , are the lives of young people gone before who have died in the struggle since the first coup in 1987 because they were abused, threatened, traumatised and neglected, all because they are youth.

With Peter are the prayers of millions of people praying for peace in Fiji.

With Peter are the voices of young people who currently feel worthless, disengaged and incapacitated.

Peter, like many other people who stand up and speak out against these injustices, doesn't see himself as a problem - rather , the youth of Fiji today as the solution, and with this thought capsuling his passion , Peter walks on bravely. Let us join him Fiji !

During these times, its the people who speak out against the injustice and continue to walk on who make a difference
Martin Luther Kings Juniors quote "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy" stand timely true.
God Bless you Peter


Anonymous said...

Maybe Peter could have photographed them and posted it here.

Anonymous said...

Agreed - where's the proof Petey? Lets see some Fiji soldiers - instead of trying to fool us with US marines.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Dear @ Anon 1 and 2 - the picture contained in this post is an illustration of what intimidation looks /feels like. You are taking the picture literally.

I'm sure if you were in Peter's place you would not be inviting trouble by openly poking a camera in these renegade's faces would you luvequ? It would be the same as sticking a microphone under their noses and asking them for a comment.

Dare I ask if you personally would be brave enough to openly invite trouble? I think the number plate is quite a give away on its own.


Anonymous said...

do you only put comments that support your cause?

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Anon, most people that email me are usually very constructive in their comments or they contribute well to the general discussion - these are all welcome. All comments are usually published unless they contain profanity or don't have a point.

Anonymous said...

how was my email about my analysis of a disgruntled son of a failed banker not constructive, this is information that people need to know to have a clearer perspective about peoples back ground.

and what about my questions about the other lot, buadromo, digitaki and koroi and whether they are being intimidated or how and why is it that only Peter has come out a hero and is now a big concern for the Military?

And Peter's discription of the military lurking around his house is rather vague - "full military attire"? Like ceremonial dress or green fatigues? or with webbing and packs? Barrets or jungle hats? and the man with the 3 yellow stripes, first of all, that's the rank of a sergeant and if he had yellow stripes on his sleeve then he must have been wearing the red ceremonial shirt because that is the only time yellow stipes are worn.....just some thoughts.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Vinaka anon - Neighbours of Peter reported this incident. For your info, the "other lot" that you refer to also continue to this day to recieve intimidating phonecalls and threats to their families.

Your information on the yellow stripes really is very exciting indeed, but it really doesn't prove anything these days - as the Teleni has shown, by wearing the police uniform top with army bottom and designer shoes, with a gorilla kind of hat.

Everything has become so warped and twisted in Fiji - uniforms included. For example police now dress in Indian Military fatigues, and if uniforms really matter, I wonder when the great military drummer Major Commando Lewhammy Lemeni is going about his duties, does it follow that he should be wearing his drumming fatigues with yellow beading on his drums because as per his occupation that is what he should be wearing? And shouldnt he be carrying that scepter around as well?

As for Voreqe why does he decide to wear the NAVY WHITES to church when he has decided that he is the Military Chief? And why does he wear it sometimes and not all the time? Perhaps it is all a symbol of intimidation - or perhaps it is a sign that the PRIVILEGE of wearing what was once a respected uniform has become part of a terriorist, renegade self-serving bunch of goons.

But I thank you for your thoughts - much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that we've gotten into some sort of discussion about this. And its good to note that Peter's neighbours brought the story to your attention...it may have been wise to keep that information to yourself, since you're so sure that the military is harassing people...you know trying to catch informers/bloggers and what not....I hope the military haven't read your response

and thank you for enlightening me about the threats that the "other lot" are still recieving, I wasn't sure having been seeing them in the pubs acting as normal...not even looking over their sholders...I could be wrong, because if they were smart enough they'd go all the way to Levuka to have a drink at the Koromakawa like your hero Peter....

and no I don't think uniforms matter, why should it without a weapon to support it, right?

and as for the commodore wearing his 'NAVY WHITES' to church...its actually normal for military church parades around the world for soldiers and seamen to wear their uniforms and why should the commodore wear a military uniform when he still remains a naval

And why do you have such a problem with Leweni and bandsmen for that matter?

Is no-one ever to attain a higher rank as an officer in the military merely because they started off as a private? Its actually quite novel that he climbed the ranks and it is very normal for a Warrant Officer Class one to get promoted to the rank of Captain. Besides when he got promoted he was the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Land Forces Command Unit and not of the band....

You really belittle bandsmen when you say that one of their own cannot rise to a higher level, that beating a drum makes you less of a soldier.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Vinaka Anon. It seems to me that you have posed a veiled threat above to Peter's neighbours. Was that the purpose of your comment?

The other lot as you termed them, are to be commended for wanting to lead as normal lives as they can - after all they are young and have immense energy and passion. There is nothing wrong with that - did you expect them to be hiding at home?

You actually brought the uniforms issue up initially so thats good that you think its not important. And I'm glad you agree with me that the Commondor shouldnt wear his military fatigues when he is still a navy deck-hand.

But 2 things stand out - you are a military person and you have something against Peter. What is it ?

In regards to climbing the ranks, thats all very nice but I do not see your point. The only point I see is that has INDEED been some climbing in the ranks courtesy of a coup by gunpoint - Hardly noble is it?

And the last sentence are words that you have placed into your own mouth so please don't try to make them mine.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of my comments was not to make veiled threats, its just that one should be more careful don't you reckon?

and no I don't expect the other lot to be hiding at home, on the contrary - good on them I guess

and I was under the assumption that Leweni got promoted well before the 2006 coup?

and please don't say that im in the military, if i have come across as such I apologise because I am not, I just fail to see whats so great about Peter, Ive been around him and his aura is so weak....he should just stick to singing. i think he got fooled by Laisa Digitaki who was using the pro-democracy stance in 2006 as a media promotion which back fired and these poor kids Jaqcie Koroi and Pita were roped in, now Peter is still being a concerned youth and has even gone to the extent of rubbishing the national youth volunteer scheme initiative, which is doing more than just being 'concerned'.

Anonymous said...

Good on you DiBu. Some 'climbing' that Leweni the ungrateful wretched band boy has done aye! His jaundiced family are common criminals and opportunists, fish stinks from the head they say - wife coveting PS and directors posts, overseas trips etc. Mai yaso!

Btw, Pita is a vasu from the old capital, hence, has every right to be there at anytime.

Semi said...

So Anon@9.21 pm, you don't like Pita cos "his aura is weak".

Mate, what a pathetic reason for all those words of yours to end up at.

It's easy mate, don't like him ... move right on ... now I get the feeling that you are feeling sorry for Jackie (who can really think on her own). Last I asked her she knew exactly what she was doing.

Pita is a concerned adult and if he doesnt like something, he always provides good reasons behind his thinking.

All I can see in your reasoning is more than a piss poor halo.

Next !

Anonymous said...

whats the point of posting a blog if you don't allow people to disagree with you? must every hate the military and bainimarama and go about bad mouthing everyone under the sun that is not pro democracy?

and as for the post before yours, totally missing the point bro!

Anonymous said...

semi whats your real name? if you support Peter and the pro democracy lot how about you put your full name and make a stand like Peter and his friends! that goes for you too dibu, or are you both scared? smart to hide inside a blog for cowards! congrats you are showing the true pacific way!

Semi said...

@Anon 9.04 and 9.06 am, I wonder if you can see your own hypocritical point in your comments.

If you are so unafraid yourslef, why don't you show us the way and name yourself instead of hiding behind Anon. Nomu vakasama e lialia sara vakalevu.

My name IS Semi. You have to guess the rest ... lollyhead.

As for Dibu, she is able to do more good by enabling us to think about issues and see the news than you and the military idiots want to hide from us the people.

She is making a stand, and so am I, and so are thousands of other people in Fiji.

It is our right to choose how we make that stand.

If we were doing this publically we would be locked up, and locked up with no protection from the constitution, judges or the courts is no place to be, and we would not be able to get our viewpoint across to other people.

If you choose not to like her viewpoint or mine for that matter, thats your choice. Obviously this basic tenet of democracy you just dont understand.

Your comments are being published so how can you say Dibu is not allowing you to diasagree with her.

You are disagreeing with her and with me. But mate, what you really don't like is that people are presenting you back with logical argument disagreeing with your viewpoint, and , you, have chosen to rant when your thinking has been reduced to dust.

Taxi !

Anonymous said...

semi - your so gay! i think i know who you are....

Tim said...

Discombobulated... re the anon at 8.17. There's a man with an ego, and probably with a small dick too. If that wasn't a veiled threat, I don't know what is. But at least the lack of impedimenta in the small dix department is made up for by some degree of intelligence - it's just that it seems likely it's entirely ideologically driven, and probably with a heap of self-interest thrown in as well. Could even be another little Shaista protoge.
Still, at the end of of it all, he or she (probably a he with a fag hag pushing him)can't accuse you of not publishing opposing views - i.e. those friendly to a junta who unashamedly think they know what's best, and seem convinced - despite what to everyone else seems bleeding obvious - let alone ANYTHING that resembles basic principles of self-determination, representation, or anything else that doesn't involve shear fucking arrogance and egotistical self-indulgence.

Tim said...

Actually Bubu, I've been thinking further...... Aside from the Anon I just posted about, I notice a theme - it even extends to the language and style of those 'intelligent' but apologist posters - a la Loyal Fijians and their ilk. Fair and Balanced (like Fox News) - or some other buzzword/phrases they try and hijack in the hope of appearing legitimate - seizing every opportunity to contest, even though their own vehicles for communication are available, but don't quite get to the audience they're trying so fucking hard to convnce.
If you think back 3 years - it's been going on a long time - even from the days when they tried to search through semi-'mainstream' internet site commentary on proxyserver logs to try desperately to inflict their will by threat. Small dick isn't an apt enough description - I'm loathe to slag off Pajeros but anon is the Pajero of the blogosphere. Most of them used to try an look good but in reality only used as expensive shopping trollies

Tim said...

Anonymous @ 6.44: ooooooooooooooh you're so so awful!, But I like you mwah mwah. But if I ever had the misfortune to meet you, I'd shove your patronising judgemental bullshit right back up your humungous asshole. What WOULD it matter even IF Semi was gay. Your comment says more about you than it does him (or her)

Tim said...

Oh and by the way anon: My father's a policeman - so there!
Were these different times and I could confront you!
PLEASE - if you're ever in NZ, let me know. I'm sure it'll be under similar circumstance to those of Frank's accidental offspring now having second thoughts about their father's worth. And even if they aren't yet, rest assured they soon will be when the grandkids begin to grow up and develop their natural inquisitivenes.
Blood's thicjer than water it seems - even amongst the most dysfunctional of families!

Anonymous said...

Dibu, I thought you said you wouldn't allow profanity on the site?

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Anon @ 7.54 pm ... isa luvequ, I didnt have my glasses on and I pressed the button .... too late and I don't know how to retrieve it.

Anyway, you might want to hold your breath and close your eyes when you get too the swearing part, then you can continue reading hana beta?

Anyway I thought you may want to reply to Tim or have you run out of sane points to make?

Anonymous said...

Tim is an angry little dick himself, my father is a policeman...what? And in NZ, sarauta! Come home and see the real shit thats happening you babara dreaver wanna be!

please dont give up your day job!

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Anon @ 3:05 am ... memory refresh mada luvequ ... if you look back at yr own comment in regards to yr analysis of the father and how one would place that in perspective about people's background ... is what I have a feeling Tim was referring to, tongue in cheek if I have to spell it out.

I was privelaged to meet the nice Barbara Dreaver - a lovely lady and a wonderful journalist. I would like to meet anyone else that resembles her and shake their hand.

And you are absolutely correct about the s**t that is happening - it's real all right and it stinks to high hell.

Keep The Faith said...

OMG D-Bu I'm just trawling through this comment thread and laffing my head off!!

Don't worry getting the same BS on our side. It is entertaining tho' ;)

I do suspect that a former female/male journalism student now parading as a censor/bainimarama stalwart appears to be heading much of this exercise.

Anonymous said...

go peter go