Apr 23, 2009

Intimidaton and Censorship in Fiji


Anonymous said...

I've just watched the two sean dorney videos and was just wondering what everyone else is thinking?

I guess in light of the current situation in Fiji, eveyone thinks the government is a joke, but as a Fiji Islander, do you think it fair that Mr Dorney ridicule a letter written in good faith to him by the PS for Immigration? Ridiculed like we are some small time little outback town - the sarcastic laughs in the audience is sickening

And why does Dorney keep making references about being taken up to the military camp, or about the situation worsening? what situation worsenign and why would the military want to take sean scrawny/dorney up to their camp?

Yes journalists are being arrested,questioned and released and the media is gagged but are our lives under threat? Really?

And Dorney uses the example of people dying in the hands of the military - who have been jailed by the way and then he singles out the judge who made the ruling as one of those sacked - weren't they all sacked?

This video came across rather racist to me, Sean Dorney as nice as he maybe, a typical Australian wanting to come into the country to report about the situation or the lack of and when asked to leave - which as a sovereign nation - Fiji has the right to do -cries fowl to the international arena!

Fiji journalists weren't sent up to Australia when there was rioting at manely beach or where ever - this is all part of Australia's supposed hegemony in the Pacific and wanting Fiji to conform to its rules! Now they are threatening to kick Fiji out of the Forum - excuse me - we created the Forum and australia and new zealand were mere observers in the beginning - until their aid saw the better of the 'Pacific Way' and showed the true back stabbing nature of the Pacific Islanders.

Dorney and other foreign journalists fuel this hegemonic notion that everyone else is unstable except the all powerful australia and new zealand.

both these countries cant wait for the situation to worsen so that they can send their troops in just like in the solomon islands, that was in 2003 and they are still their today.

they already started in fiji but failed terribly with the appointment of the late Greg Urwin to the forum and andrew hughes as compol....

haven't we been riduculed enough by white people with their visa restrictions and what not and now this? cmon people and see the video for what it really is!

Anonymous said...

good thing is idiot was deported...stay out! Look at how he's now basking in media limelight, and is overnight a self-proclaimed authority on Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 9.40PM:
1. "Fiji is a sovereign Nation". What is your basis for claiming that, when sovereignty was seized at the point of a gun and when its legitimacy is in doubt? Would it be the same sovereignty if I came in with superior might in the form of a rebel army of mercenaries and seized power?
2. You seem happy that there have been people jailed for murders. Are you comfortable that those that gave the orders or encouraged a little ruff and tumble that resulted in deaths have been called to account?
3. The Manly incident - are you suggesting Australia and/or NZ are somehow responisble for Fijian journalists not covering that shameful incident? Even without them, it's not something that will be forgotten and neither are Australia or New Zealand ever claiming to have perfect race relations. That is a work in progress. Race relations in NZ certainly are NOT perfect, but since the 70's they are improving and protest movements will ensure they do - unfortunately Fiji isn't currently allowing such movements because a few think with paternalistic, hegemonic, neo-colonial force think they know what's better for everyone than everyone does themselves.
4. Australian and New Zealand hegemony? Please define. Is it the hegemony that means they should consult with those they choose to provide aid to - over and above those that enable it to be given in the first place? (the Australian and NZ taxpayer). Is it some sort of hegemony that is morally or practically worse than that of a very few imposing their will on an entire population? (the junta/RFMF).
5. Is your name Shaista? Khaiyuum? Aziz? Dean? It could hardly be Leweni or Teleni or Bainimarama - they're all too busy trying to rub a couple of thoughts together around a grog bowl.
6. Have you taken any benefit from aid, social services, education, welfare benefits, or anything else in Australia or New Zealand who you perceive are trying to impose their will on Fiji? If so, are you indigenous to Australia or New Zealand? Indeed are you indigenous to Fiji? or are you a victim of
19C colonialism, 20C colonialism and now 21C colonialism?
7. What is your criteria for allowing people a right to freedom of opinion and speech?
8. Is the 'victim' status that comes across loud and clear in your comment just an easy option to adopt?
9. Are you so politically and socially lazy that allowing a psychopath and his apologists to rule your daily life is easier than allowing yourself and ALL other Fijians regardless of demographics, race, creed, etc to exercise their will.
10. "Dorney and other foreign journalists fuel this hegemonic notion that everyone else is unstable except the all powerful australia and new zealand". If New Zealand is all powerful - please inform the Chinese, the US, the UK or any number of other of its trading partners, suggest that it should alter its immigration policiy immediately, have it stop providing aid to all others who are grateful for it (with or without strings attached), and tell the Samoan PM, members of the PIF and others that they are fuelling some sort of hegemonic notion.

Anonymous said...

WELL SAID!! @Anonymous 1.53a.m.

It's been crystal clear to us anti-coup and military junta bloggers, that propagandists like shaista, hairyarse , deans, aziz & the rest of 'em alqaedas are in full swing damage-control. All in vain, you suckers!! Naboro Maximum beckons!!

ex Fiji tourist said...


Beware the fools from the military.

The first two letters could only be written by the green goons.

For their information, bananasinpyjamas and his green goons are the laughing stock of the world.

nobody takes anything they say seriously.

Sean is to be congratulated for highlighting the intimidation of reporters and other Fijians.

The green goons are bullies; plain and simple.

Tears for Fiji said...

Vinaka D-Bubu for highlighting this interview. As we can clearly see frm Anon 1 and 2, their feathers definitely got ruffled...and I must say, am assuming Anon 1 is an Indian fella cos it referred to itself as a Fiji Islander...no Fijian blooded person would do that subconsciously.

Hmmm...damage control tiko vei iko!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3 your whiteness is terribly blinding - your denial that Australia and New Zealand have some hegemonic hold in the Pacific is rather sad and very typically Aussie and Kiwi-ish to say the least.

And at anon 6, I'm Fijian pro - most definitely Fijian, so your analysis is terribly wrong.

But aren't alternative views great, gives you all something to think about and rebutt - it would be rather boring if all views were just anti bainimarama ......

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.34: Please show me where there is denial at Australian and NZ hegemony (above). Perhaps you are blinded by my whiteness - if you knew my family, you'd know you're completely and utterly mistaken on that count as well. There is not one member of the current generation that does not have claim to Pacific Island roots (included in that Maori as well as other P.I nations). I'm drawing your attention to Frank and his junta's hegemony and asking which is worse - especially WHEN he is systematically destroying anything and everything indigenous, but I understand that is something someone who finds comfort in portraying himself/herself as victim might find easier - it's a programme, perhaps the only programme any oppressor can undertake in order to justify and try and sustain their hegemony. In the words of what I imagine are your idols, if not yourself - it's paternalistic and neo-colonialist. You are not a victim however. The victims in this charade are not those who've granted themselves elite status at the point of a gun and at the expense of everyone else. The victims are Fijians deprived of ANY opportunity of expression.
More than that, this junta attempts to be as divisive as possible - JUST like something out of a colonial era gone by: divide and rule. It can't get over the fact that other Pacific nations are in almost total agreement, so it tries to play the Melanesian/Polynesian 'divide' - quite apart from the destruction of indigenous institutions within Fiji I've already mentioned.
I also mentioned that race relations in OZ and NZ are NOT perfect. There is an element in both countries that thinks harmony means homogenising and bleaching because like Frank, they can't handle or respect difference - it frightens them - they'd rather save it for an annual touristy trek.
It is not surprising that countries, themselves having been subjected to colonialism, take a while to shed themselves of it. The chances of doing so certainly don't come from being threatened by Military and cowardly force.
But while you stand quick to accuse, you might also consider NOT just Frank's hegemony, but also China and India's that you seem comfortable with - both don't have that pretty a record - indeed possibly worse than OZ and NZ's.

I doubt you actually read what I said but rather just picked up on the fact that I was opposed to your view and your lack of respect for others' right to self-determination, and on that basis (like Frank), if I'm not with you then I must be against you. Or perhaps its just that you're desperately trying to do a bit of profiling. I'm somehow reminded of an apologist that used to post on other forums 18 months to two years ago, desperately trying to gain support and appear 'fair and balanced'.