May 2, 2009

Cocky solicitations may come to nought

It is now May 2009. 2 years ago in May 2007, I made some predictions. I did not realise then how true these would become.

But in the meantime, It is interesting to see diplomacy at work, as per this article from the Australian.

I was wondering why Voreqe has been strutting about like a peacock lately.

Word is that he thinks China will just write him blank cheques whenever he asks cos China is such the new bestest friend.

I am no political expert but I know enough to appreciate that this is a good example of just how no man is an island.

When it comes to the crunch, China will value Australia's word more because it is Australia that has the goodies that China wants.

Fiji offers no more than an opportunity for Chinese Nationals to come and earn a living (courtesy of the string attached to the Chinese loans) , pilfer our fishing grounds, and perhaps a land grab if we, it's citizens, continue to stay complacent about the rape of our freedoms.

Chinese don't come here to lay on the beaches. They go to places that have casino's and present opportunities to make money.

So where is Frank going to get the money that he sorely needs to bribe his soldiers with and to pay the civil servants who run the machinery of government?

He is depending on the tourist dollar now, but with the local transit airline collapsing, tourists being chased out of their accommodation because of loud police crusades and criminals targeting tourists, the use of FIU to spy on investors & citizens (all infringing privacy and targeting "state enemies") , the illegal & hostile takeover of every decent investment company in Fiji , luvequ's, it all looks to be unravelling and pilling quite rapidly just like Vore's fishnets.


Tim said...

Seems logical to me too. I've always supposed that China (and indeed India) want lots and lots of coal and uranium, as well as a lot of other minerals in abundance in OZ too. I'm not sure they want to jeopardise any good relationships they have with OZ and indeed NZ for the sake of Frank who they realise is a bit of a loose cannon and someone that doesn't keep his word. Even though they do abide by the standard line of 'not interfering in other's politics', they are driven by self-interest and an unstable Frank is not in their best interests

Tears for Fiji said...

I love your reply PM Rudd...vinaka.

As they say in the Middle East..shuway, shuway...slowly, slowly..Voreqe will realise (since at the mo. he isn't) he is soooooooooo INSIGNIFICANT in the whole scope of things. He is DEVELOPING world, whereas Oz and NZ are First world...and MINNOWS don't get alot of STANDING or OOMPH in the whole scope of things. MINNOWS get support but they don't call the shots!

And that IS YOU, VORE! Live with it!

Keep The Faith said...

LMAO @ Frank's fishnets and gotta say how much I love, love, love the picture ;)