May 3, 2009

Press Release from Fijii Youths United

There are 239 people out there

That we know of

Wearing the black arm bands as a sign of protest , they wear it because

PEACE is the only answer for Fiji

We want our Human Rights back and respected

We want our leaders to Respect the Rule of Law

We want Media Freedom

We want our free and independent judiciary back

We want to End the Coup Culture

We wear the Black Arm Bands on our Left Arm because that’s where our hearts are, and we feel for the youths and people of Fiji. We feel for our own future.

We wear the Black Arm Bands from the 29th of April to the 29th of May.

And people all over Fiji are joining in.

During the Coca-cola Games, 4 youth activists distributed armbands to spectators. 2 athletes ran with black armbands.

In our NGO’s around Fiji, people are wearing the armbands. Even a youth website is wearing the armband.

We know of 6 high school student’s who will wear the band. In addition, 21 civil servants wearing the band and persons in the media are wearing the band also.

This is peaceful and the best way to show our disgust. We thank all the brave Fiji citizens who are wearing the band. Keep it up.

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Anonymous said...

i just came off thhe ypcn website. they had some black arm band stuff.

so good to see youth on thhe streets wearing the arm band. i am getting my done up rite now.