May 4, 2009

World Press Freedom Day Bula Style

Thanks to a faithful correspondent and to the cartoonist who shall remain ID-less for obvious reasons, this is our salute to those brave Fijian journo's on WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY (May 3rd) who are not able to report the news due to draconian martial laws in our land.

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ex Fiji tourist said...


Keep up the good work. It is great to read your wonderful postings.

It is also great to read the censored informative articles from the FijiTimes recently.

If you do a 'dimwiti' and "read between the lines", you can see the true meaning of the writer.

Not so for the sun who appears to be taken over by the green goons.

TV1 also allows you to see the truth behind the stories.

The power is in what they don't say .

Keep in up FijiTimes and TV1.