May 8, 2009

Cuzzie Bro's

Thanks to a correspondent, we feature an excellent cut-to-the-chase Editorial Comment from a newspaper in rural New Zealand (click image to make larger) making comment about our cuzzies in Aoetearoa coming here to meet their thuggy cuzz's ... sending all the wrong messages to the average citizen as it will be used by the junta as propoganda ..... as the makabuna say when they dance to their rap music videos and poke their fingers up in the air so they look like they have celebral palsy - it's bro'ocrasy Nau !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here's me beginning to think that after Turia's initial gaff, the Maori Party had thought a little deeper - that Hone's proposal to meet all sections was ever so slightly more realistic. I missed the 'no better, no worse off' part!
Perhaps the Maori Party might use one or two local contacts such as via TPK and past/present MPAC people to get a realistic idea before their feet get buried any deeper along with Frank's down Fijians' throats.
Frank being 'misunderstood' and 'Fijians being no worse off' doesn't sound like a good basis for dialogue to me