Jan 21, 2012

Fiji Regime desperate grasp for funds causes tourists to bolt

Fiji's interim government has increased airport departure tax by a third

The rise of $FJ50 brings the total departure tax to $FJ150 ($NZ105).

NZ's Flight Centre executive general manager Mike Friend said the increase came into effect on Friday without any notice to travel agents.

He said his agency is giving customers who no longer want to go to Fiji an alternative.

"We're offering anyone that's paid a deposit to go to Fiji, if they want to look at another destination, we'll move that deposit over, and in effect start the booking again for them."

However Fiji Tourism Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the increase was announced in November by the Finance Minister and he cannot understand why people are up in arms about it.

Mr Friend said that when countries such as Australia and Britain increased their departure tax, a period of 12 months notice was given.

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Anonymous said...

Australia and Britain increase their departure taxes because the services available and offered at the airports are of a very high standard. What is Fiji offering for the increase? I live in Fiji and did not even know about the increase - so when did they tell the public or is it another source of money that they can pocket?