Feb 6, 2012

Fiji's Sinking Economy

Did you hear that they’ve dispensed with the captain of the Italian cruise ship;
He suffers from premature evacuation….

Reminds me of our own two evacuated crustaceans, called Captain BainiLamulamu & a petty officer called Khaiyum at the helm of Fiji's sinking of Fiji's economy .......


Tim said...

It's a shame not many (other than those that have been at the receiving end) haven't picked up on what Yippee-ai-aye-Khayuum's problem is - and deepest sympathy to his wife. He's FUNDAMENTALLY dishonest - as FUNDAMENTALLY dishonest as anyone can be.
There's a few of them about these days (poofs with power I mean). It's not the poof that's the problem though. The problem is the dishonesty.

Tim said...

Oh, btw.... interesting link to BainiLamulamu - all true too! I used to wonder what I'd be capable of as a parent. What if... all that stuff. What seems to escape most commentators these days (and what Frank has ALWAYS managed to keep secret from his sympathisers like the Shameens, the red-headed apologist Smith-Wrongs et al, AND probably his wife and children).... is that he is basically ONE EVIL BASTARD. But like the ultimate coward - Frank gets everyone else to do the dirty work.