Nov 6, 2012

Discombobulations from the domain of Yash Ghai

URGENT WORM MAIL : November 6th 2012

Darling Grubby,

Drop whatever you are doing and please write one of your vicious attacks. Yash Ghai, the doddery old fool, has gone completely off message and he needs to be discredited as quickly as possible.

I know he thought the PM was behaving unfairly but what did he expect he is a dictator. Anyway now he has gone public but luckily only on ABC radio and we can close that down before you can say Yash Ghai is deported.

He gave an interview on Pacific Beat.

He has gone off the rails and is making wild accusation about FB and the AG. I have put some of the more extreme quotes below so you can have a quick look.

Anyway get this completely unwarranted attack to me by 5 this afternoon. I need to read it before we get it published in the Fiji Sun for the people of Fiji to read in the morning.

If you can get this done in time we can meet up at the Holiday Inn for a couple of bottles of Pinot. I hear they have got a new house red. Not that it is good enough for you anymore now you are being paid a fortune by Qorvis.

Hugs and Kisses (But quick ones no time for anything more)

I think there was this trial of Mr Qarase who was the former prime minister and whose regime was overthrown by the Prime Minister, and there was a trial against him on some charges of fraud. And at the end of the case the court invited statements on the character of the person, which is often used to determine the actual sentence. And Ratu Joni came and spoke in favour of Mr Qarase, and that I think has probably upset the Prime Minister.
Yes I have talked to the Prime Minister about this a few times, and they have given different reasons; the one that she gave me was that this would be in some sense an invasion of the right of the CA, I don't quite see how. And the Attorney General was quoted yesterday as having said the people have already talked to the Commission, and so there's no need for further consultation. The point is that people talked to us about their preferences, their proposals. Now they will have a concrete document to react to, it is a quite different exercise. And so neither explanation is really convincing.
Yes I'm afraid that is quite true, there has been massive interference. Now I get emails from PM to do this or not to do that, and this is a kind of harassment.
And it's also a little bit puzzling that a government which is so wedded to secrecy should suddenly be converted to transparency.                                
Now that power has been taken away from us, and I do not see how Fiji is going to have a free and fair election unless these decrees are cleaned up.


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