Mar 26, 2013

Maverick Davis gets it wrong - again

Ragone,  "Grubby" as he is known in Fiji, subjected his running dogs to a major grubbysplutter on his blog today .

Grubby thrust his bent saber into Mr Marc Edge accusing him of making up a poster which points out the unauthorized use of Fiji Taxpayer's funds that fund Grubby's pro-junta activities in Fiji.

His blurt did protest I thought too much, but I tried very hard to concentrate.

Then he tried to correct Mr Marc's spelling. Tsk tsk.

So I tried very hard to make a comment on his blog to let him know that he had made an error, but Davis has censored me out like the good regime autocrat he has become.

I was trying to tell Grubby that he should withdraw his gaffe's sharp edge and apologise to Mr Marc as Mr Marc had nothing to do with the travesty of poster making, or my spelling.

Nai , it was I , Bubu that was the author of said Poster. I alone traversed that poster.

I have also sent that poster to every single Editor of every single major newspaper in the world, so they may may take a look at Grubby's claims of journalistic independence.

I am sure they would be quite interested in researching the caliber that graces our hibiscus lined shores.

Taxi !

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