Sep 15, 2014

Bubu's Kati Club does the Maths

Some of my friends old as they are have had colourful lives. Some of them have truly amazing mathematical skills.

One of these neighborhood mathematicians has been frightening the God-fearing village in which she lives.

Here is her equation for the Fiji elections which are not really free and fair  .  More confusing to be frank.

However , Voreqe Fiji's dictator  she says, has the number of 279.

We shall add these numbers up:

2+7 = 9

so now we have 9+9

Add these up together and we have  = 18

OK now ragone - have you had your glass of free milk ?

Acha  good ...... now we add this up :   1 + 8 = we have another 9

Now if you take all three 999's and turn this upside down, VOILA - we have Voreqe's true number !

Even with the devil's media black-out, this will be a hard image to erase from the all-powerful mind.

Happy Voting ragone's.


Ateca.V said...

Kaila !

Anonymous said...

true...much as he try's to hide his true reveals and manifests in many different ways.....